Implantable Pump

MPS Micro Precision Systems produces an implantable peristaltic pump (AIMD Class 3) that consumes little energy, is biocompatible and corrosion-resistant.


Used for the programmable administration of morphine, ziconotide and Lioresal, it enables the treatment of severe chronic pain and spastic paralysis.


Partnerships fostered through direct and trusted contacts, control of the design and manufacture of titanium bearings with ceramic balls, the capacity and know-how for accurate assembly under optimal conditions for controlling particle concentration, have all enabled MPS Micro Precision Systems to establish an industrial tool and a qualified supplier network.


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Biocompatible Implantable Actuators

MPS develops miniature implantable biocompatible actuators which can support the organ functions of the human body. Produced by MPS, these systems combine cutting-edge technology and technical innovations.


To date, the technology developed by MPS is used for urinary incontinence and long bone lengthening. These systems are considered as AIMD (active implantable medical devices) and have been patented.


MPS has developed an intelligent system for the bidirectional transmission of data and wireless power transfer from a control box to the implant.


The motorised part of the implant is encapsulated and the mobile systems are totally biocompatible. Mechanical and electrical, they have been designed so as to reduce friction to a minimum and other sources of energy loss therefore ensuring very little energy consumption.


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Miniature Hexapode for Spine Operation

In close collaboration with our customer, MPS produces a miniature and extremely accurate hexapod robot, which is used to assist surgeons during spine operations.


Movements are enabled by 6 linear actuators, each operated by 5 mm brushless motors manufactured by the Faulhaber group.


Each actuator ensures precise movement of 1 µm. It is controlled in a closed circuit by an inductive sensor.


Miniaturised, tested and calibrated at MPS, the hexapod has a diameter of 50 mm, a height of 80 mm and weighs 330 grams. The manufacturing processes are validated and the suppliers qualified according to regulatory requirements for class 2 medical devices.


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Heart Pump

MPS worked closely with the manufacturer of an artificial heart in order to produce the motor components.


The very stringent requirements in terms of precision and surface finish for carbon-filled PEEK components have proved to be a real challenge that MPS has been able to overcome.


The balance and reinforcement of certain components have necessitated the development of systematic and demanding processes. They have all been validated according to the medical standards applicable to class 3 devices.


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Miniature Lens Actuator

Eye tomography and cataract operations require the focus of the laser beam to be very precise. MPS has developed high-precision miniature lens actuators for a manufacturer of ophthalmic devices.


These actuators consist of a 6 mm micromotor, a pre-loaded screw-nut system and a linear guideway. The system is designed in such a way that it is able to compensate for the imperfection of axes alignment. The most stringent requirement is to find point 0 with a precision of 1 µm between each measurement.


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