Defence & Aerospace

Fin Actuated Wings

Integration and miniaturisation are technologies that are perfectly controlled by MPS and Faulhaber. The wings actuator designed for defence produced by MPS, is exemplary: in order to reduce the length of the system, the screw is merged with the motor shaft and integrates a 4-point contact bearing.


Advantages of the MPS design:

  • Optimised space and weight
  • Direct and precise motor transmission


This actuator meets the vibration, storage and operational environment requirements for military equipment. MPS and Faulhaber have developed the necessary manufacturing and control processes to guarantee the quality requirements.


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Guidance System

Developed by MPS, the system very precisely actuates a lens on a linear basis with a laser beam passing through it. This actuator consists of a ball screw and two linear bearings and must ensure that the lens is completely perpendicular with its axis during any movement. The linear positioning precision is 1 µm.


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Special Bearings

The technology for the miniature precision bearings is applied to gyroscopic bearings with rotation speeds of nearly 5,000 rpm without play and lubrication. Developed by MPS, this system enables significant energy savings and unlimited storage.


This technology is also used in the hollow wave guide bearings. Very high geometric precision is required to obtain the hollow part and is used to prevent alteration of the guided signal.


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