Pick & Place Head

For more than 20 years, and in close cooperation with our customer, MPS has manufactured several generations of grippers for pick&place heads intended for PCB assembly machines.


The constant reduction in the size of electronic components linked to the increase in precision of electronic cards has continuously added to the requirements for gripper manufacturing.


Manufactured by MPS, these pick&place grippers are based on company-specific linear bearing technology. In order to meet the sliding force, precision, straightness and surface finish requirements set by the customer, the components are ground, then polished and finally paired with an accuracy range of 0.4 µm using balls classed by groups of 0.25 µm.


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Laboratory Equipment

MPS linear bearing technology is used in the field of pipetting laboratory equipment: an axis driven by a rack is guided without play using 2 linear bearings mounted in the same tube. The anti-rotation of the axis is ensured by the intelligent layout of balls with varying diameters.


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