Areas of Expertise

Research and Development

The high level of training and experience of its microtechnology engineers allows MPS to quickly develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of its customers.


Our propositions and developments meet the international standards of the military and medical markets and are based on the management of CAD (Solidworks®) and PLM (TeamCenter® - product life cycle management software). In the field of medical devices, MPS can draw up technical dossiers for CE and FDA submissions.


Fully equipped, the prototyping workshop guarantees the production and modification of rapid prototypes, free from the logistical constraints of mass production. The equipment includes lathes, milling machines, wire erosion machines and grinding machines.


The test laboratory equipment is used to carry out service life tests for systems developed by MPS, noise measurements, traction tests, torque measurements and simple measurement systems.


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Precision has always been a key value of MPS.


The turning workshop has 12 CNC turning machines used to machine bars from 2 to 42 mm. Each work bench is equipped with measuring instruments for controlling, at any time, the quality of the products manufactured.


Heat treatment and washing
Acquired over many decades, MPS's heat treatment knowledge is essential to achieve the material properties needed for the performance of the systems manufactured. MPS also has expertise in deburring and washing components.


MPS sets itself apart thanks to its resurfacing and polishing expertise. In these workshops, components achieve dimensional precision of less than one micron, through centerless grinding of internal and external diameters and mirror surface finishes (Ra < 10 nm). All MPS ball screws have threads that are resurfaced on latest-generation equipment.


Manufacture of balls
MPS internally manufactures high quality (ISO grade 3) miniature stainless steel and ceramic (zirconia) balls with diameters between 0.130 mm and 1.588 mm.


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MPS specialises in the micro-assembly of complex systems which require specialist knowledge and specific expertise.


The size of parts and the required precision necessitate a controlled atmosphere in the entire assembly workshop, with continual air change and filtration. A clean room ISO 7 is available for implantable medical applications.


The workshop is organised according to "lean manufacturing" principles. Dedicated stations are set up when necessary.


Our main skills include the assembly of micro-components, welding and laser marking, gluing and precision lubrication, and washing and pairing, enabling adjustments of less than 0.2 µm.


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Project Management

In our project development process, customers are in close contact with a dedicated project manager who ensures close communication and coordination with the internal project team and external partners. The MPS management system integrates the project management process.


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