Miniature ball screw

Standard Miniature Ball Screw

MPS offers a comprehensive range of miniature high precision ball screws with a positioning accuracy < 5 µm.


The ball screw technology that was developed by MPS leads to outstanding performances such as high efficiencies, smoothness and reliability.


The MPS ball screws are entirely made out of stainless steel and all components are ground. They are fitted with a double nut to adjust the play.


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Range of standard high precision miniature ball screws – MPS Microsystems

Customised Miniature Ball Screw

Most applications require specific mechanical interfaces, or special characteristics. Throughout a long-time experience with countless cases in various application fields MPS has acquired an exceptional level of expertise in the design and manufacture of customised ball screws, thus always gathering two essential features:

precision and compactness.

Customised high precision miniature ball screws – MPS Microsystems

Miniature Ball Screw On Request

  • Lubricants: grease, oil, dry lubrication
  • Machined ends
  • Customised outer sleeve (flanged, dimensions, etc.)
  • Higher static and dynamic load capacities 
  • Multiple nuts
  • Left-hand thread
  • Length
  • Axial play (down to zero backlash)
  • Special surface treatments


Our microlinea team will be happy to assist you in designing your made-to-measure special ball screw. For any query, please


contact our local distributor